London Mayor: Ask Boris

Urban Times has been accepted to host an interview with the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, and in the coming weeks we will be crowd-sourcing our questions from our readers across the world. As we aim to be more innovative across the board, we feel as though this is the perfect time to give you a voice in the political scenes of the UK (where we are based).

Entries must be submitted by the end of August and the best questions will be asked directly to the man himself. Keep an eye out during September for the exclusive video interview. Check out submission methods below.

All participants will be entitled to a free Google+ invite from the Urban Times Google+ account.


  1. Login with Twitter below (you will begin following Urban Times)
  2. Type your question into the space provided, remember that the tweet will contain @TheUrbanTimes and the hashtag #ASKBORIS, so make every character count!

Alternatively, you can Follow us on Twitter (@TheUrbanTimes) and send the tweet direct, remember to add @TheUrbanTimes to the start and the #ASKBORIS hashtag to the end of the tweet for it to be entered.


  1. Like Urban Times on Facebook (if you have not Liked, our algorithms will discount your question).
  2. Post your question on the wall of our Facebook page.

Good luck and get thinking!

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