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At Urban Times we feel that our clients deserve a service that goes above and beyond our competitors. We have a video media production unit, a graphic design team, web development and design personnel and over 400 journalistic authors to galvanise your campaign. All or a few of these can be used simultaneously to present your brand to our global audience.

Please take a look at our sponsorship package (here) as well as some of the case studies with other collaborators (here).

If your company or service would benefit from more conventional advertisement spaces, we have the industry standard ad spaces such as:

* 300×300 square ad – mainly used on post pages, but can additionally be used in the post matrices.
* 120 x 600 skyscraper banner – used within posts with a small sidebar.
* 970 x 450 exclusive block ad – Set behind the image cloud on the homepage, used for maximum exposure.
* 300 x 440 matrix ad – Inset into the matrix, can be tailored to appear in any specific matrix.
* 468 x 60 headline banner – This can be placed at the top of the homepage, any category page or any article. Additionally, these will be found at the end of most articles too.

For pricing and campaign enquiries, please contact web [at] theurbn [dot] com. Spam emails will be reported.

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