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Indian Filmmaker Makes A ShortFilm About Adolescence And Rebellion


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‘Bad Gud Guy’ is a 13 minute documentary film directed by Srikar Reddy Baddepudi and is based on an Indian teenager who transforms into someone entirely different due to his environmental circumstances. The film has been approved by some Vimeo users and directors—notably Ben Proudfoot, Christopher Guinness and Francesco Pacioccio.

Despite its appreciation on the Vimeo sphere, the film didn’t attract as much attention in India. The director, whose disappointment is evident, states

 “I think those people are full of ego and they consider themselves celebrities looking at their 50k some views for their short films on Youtube” 

In brief, the film tells the story of ‘Guy’, a  spoilt student who never attended a day at his Jr College, and rather decided to indulge himself in rebellious activities such as drinking. His parents never came to know about it. Above all, its a story about the kid returning to the normality of life that his parents had intended for him.