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Urban Gardening Is Making A Comeback And Here's Why You Should Be Getting Involved

Are we experiencing a small-scale return to subsistence?




In recent years, we have experienced a return to artisanship, the homemade, and locally sourced products, as a reaction to globalization and the standardization of products.

Sourcing local products has proved to be fairly easy, however, growing your own vegetables is a challenge in the city. Living in an urban environment doesn’t always allow conditions for people to have a garden, but the tradition of growing up with a garden has been experiencing a revival, and people have tried to find ways to use the limited resources they have to grow vegetables.

This short video presents  a few urban gardeners in Washington, and a garden
designer who has helped them plan these gardens.

Similar initiatives have been taken up by Slow Cities where citizens are encouraged to consume local foods to promote sustainable urban development.

Would you start growing your own vegetables in the city?