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A Truly South African Music Project Blends The Traditional With The Urban

A step backwards can be a step forward, a musical collaboration connects modern music to its past in a creative fashion.



In the music of Kwaito a listener is immersed into the bustling melting pot that is South Africa, influenced by hip-hop and house it’s the pulse of young Africans.

In the beginning it was largely a cultural vehicle used to counter apartheid and socio-economic disenfranchisement confined to the Sowetos of Cape Town and Johannesburg.

It has come along way since, being a sub-genre that the likes of Little Dragon and M.I.A. have tapped into. But is it still relevant and connected to African musical roots?

Spoek Mathambo, a leading young figure in the local scene decided to delve into South Africa’s rural musical landscape to produce a track that would bridge different styles and genres.

From musicians who used to play tin guitars to the ceremonial songs of tribal communities, there’s much more out there than digitally composed beats.

The refreshingly organic process is documented below:



After the field recordings, Spoek and his friends worked their magic and the final mix sounded like this.