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Colin And Livia Firth Launched A Short Film That Will Change The Way You Look At Your Clothes

Consultancy Eco-Age launched a new, short film called Handprint that appeals to people to confront the origins of their clothes.

via eco-age.com

via eco-age.com

An Oscar-winning actor and Co-Founder of the Eco-Age, Colin Firth together with his wife Livia launched their new project – Handprint, filmed by Director Mary Nighy.

In light of last year’s tragedy at the Rana Plaza factory in Bangladesh, this thought- provoking video could not come in a better time. 

We tend to thank strangers for holding the door for us, or waiters for serving us at a restaurant, but we rarely find a chance to thank those people whose presence remains with us longer than anything else.

                         ”You carry the stories of the people that make your clothes” 

Livia Firth said: “The more I see this film, the more I realise just how important it is for all of us to make the connection with the hands of the real people who make our clothes. We can make a difference to their lives by never forgetting this connection.”