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It seems that every time you switch on the news there is a story about a young celebrity couple getting a divorce. Inevitably, you probably shout such beliefs at your television like, “people are giving up on marriage too fast” or “young couples don’t give their relationship a chance to work out!” But what if I told you that nearly 1 in 4 marriages that ended in divorce last year occurred in couples ages 50 and older, and that the divorce rate among younger generations has actually decreased?

Ending a marriage is a difficult situation for any couple to find themselves in, but when people have been together for so long it seems odd that they would end it once they hit their golden years. But as our society continues to evolve and people look to make the most of their remaining years, getting a divorce is often the only solution to achieving happiness, even after a long marriage.

The following infographic put together by James M. Burns Attorney at Law,aims to explain why the divorce rate among aging adults has increased in recent years, and what it means for the health and well-being for all involved.