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Steer Clear Of Cliché: 4 Ways To Make Your Holiday Wedding Unique


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According to the American Express Spending and Saving Tracker, about
six million people plan on getting engaged on Valentine’s Day 2014. In
an equally competitive statistic, the National Post says that almost 40
percent of proposals happen during the winter holidays. Whether for
nostalgic reasons, or just because holidays in general are so festive,
they’re a good time to seal the deal with a wedding, too. But because
holidays already have a theme, they also come with the risk of being
cliché and cheesy. Think: the zombie bride on Halloween or the bridal
party — groomsmen and all — decked out in pink for a Valentine’s
wedding. Having an elegant and memorable holiday wedding is possible.
Acknowledge the season, but balance it with tasteful, unique choices in
colors, decorations and food.

Picking the Colors

is more cliché than using typical holiday colors for your wedding. The
Huffington Post advises skipping the royal blue and white for a Hanukkah
wedding. Nor should you feel obligated to go red, white and blue for a
4th of July wedding. You’ve had an idea for years as to what your
wedding colors would be; go with your first choice,but in shades that reflect the season.
Pastels in winter, for instance, are awkward and misplaced. Choose
pumpkin, gold and sage for a fall-holiday wedding during Halloween or
Thanksgiving, for example, instead of peach and turquoise.

Photo by Jina Lee via Flickr

Planning the Menu

holidays come with traditional foods, but don’t let that dictate the
menu for your reception. You may have a casual wedding in mind for your
4th of July ceremony and celebration, but Uncle Eb in his “Roadkill
Grille” apron doling out hot dogs from the barbecue is a bit too
kitschy. Serve your guests food in a class with your wedding. Put fried
chicken, rosemary potato salad and individual apple pie tarts on the
menu as an elegant way to go with a summery picnic theme without
cheesing it up.

Decor and Favors

Santa at a
Christmas wedding reception or a diapered cupid flitting around a
Valentine’s wedding are over the top. You want to set the mood for your
holiday wedding, but don’t go overboard with stale symbols of the
season. Instead of stringing construction paper hearts all around with
you and your beloved’s initials scrawled on them, decorate the venue for
your Valentine’s wedding with vintage Valentines. Or nix the
Valentine-y decor altogether and let your flowers, favors and the food
set the mood. Give a nod to the season with arrangements of roses and
carnations in rich tones of red and purple, or just go with your chosen
wedding colors. Package up individual decorative boxes of chocolate covered strawberries to serve as an elegant favor that beats out cellophane bags of Necco message hearts.

Photo by project hotsauce via Flickr

Dress Your Wedding Party

The season you get married in — not the traditional trappings of the holiday — should be your guide for dressing your wedding party.
Instead of red dresses and suits trimmed with white fur for a Christmas
wedding, go all-out elegant with velvet gowns for the gals and classy,
traditional tuxes for the guys. Summer holiday weddings are even easier.
MSN Living recommends dressing the men in lightweight khaki or
seersucker and putting the women — bride included — in shorter, just
below the knee dresses. Let each bridesmaid pick her own dress instead
of matching dresses across the board. The only requirement you’ll make
is that every dress is the same color and shade to match your chosen
wedding colors.