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If You Eat Sushi, You Need To Be Aware Of This Right Now.

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Overfishing is one of the top 10 environmental challenges to be addressed in 2014.

A significant step towards sustainable fishing was made at the end of 2013 in Brussels.  The EU leaders have agreed on fish quotas which are to come into force 2014. 27 (an increase from 25) out of 50 endangered species would be fished at sustainable yields.  The reform also banned fish discards i.e. the practise of throwing back fish caught in excess of their quota.  

27 out of 50 endangered species will be would be fished at  sustainable yields

There are a number of ways one can address overfishing at an individual level.  For example, SoleShare aims to bring sustainable fish to Londoners from local British fishermen.  Check their weekly fish boxes here.

Love sushi, but don’t want tuna fin in your food?  Make sure that your restaurant offers seafood from a sustainable source that your really trust.  The Sustainable Restaurant Association website is a good point of reference to check the sustainability of restaurants worldwide.

It is a real challenge to know what fish to eat nowadays.  Here are some ideas on what are the top fish to avoid eating: