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Sweet Rose Cream

Anna's Potions And Lotions Made By Debbie Miller

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      Debbie Miller Creator of Anna’s Potions and Lotions has been playing in the garden a long time. She makes candles for aromatherapy, lip balms and skin creams. Debbie will cook it up right in the kitchen . Anna’s Potions and Lotions is a lovely small green business. Anna is Debbie’s Muse, created in a writing class on folklore years ago.

   While living in Tennessee, Debbie bought some rose cream from a fellow member of The Smokey Mountain Herbal Society . By the time she ran out and wanted more, the makers had moved. She started experimenting and came up with her signature product Anna’s Sweet Rose Cream. You have to know a lot about chemistry and blending ingredients to make a great product. Her potions and lotions are a better product or should I say greener ? She goes the extra mile using glass, recyclable plastic and tin lids to make her packaging more sustainable .

  Debbie started the company in 2006 and now lives in Brooklyn. Anna, AKA Debbie has no backyard . She shares a nearby community garden. She grows flowers, herbs and organic veggies. Perhaps you all know this, Organic means that it is not only grown without pesticides but that the seeds aren’t genetically altered in the lab. Debbie lives a green lifestyle and finds happiness in what she does. Its the little things in life that matter. She writes and teaches about things she hopes to change. She has been an environmental activist all her life.

Why should we all care about Eco Skin Care ? People are simply just unaware of the many things added to our cosmetics. In Europe you are luckier than in America where the rules are even slower to change. I suggest reading the labels before you make your next purchase. If you can’t understand what  the label says, beware. What your money supports will send a very loud message to those who are still destroying our health and environment all for the sake of greed. For more info visit  Women’s Voices of The Earth


   If you haven’t been lucky enough to find organics before, perhaps you will just simply enjoy the smells. Please visit the website for orders and more info. It’s just too bad you won’t be able to smell until the product arrives.