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The Rules That Every 20-Something Forward-Thinker Should Live By


Protect what you believe in with all of your might.

But don’t be tied down to your beliefs – they could change in one conversation.

Be kind to people. We all have a tough time.

Don’t hurt animals. We all share this world.

Take time out to think, be calm and readjust.

Have fun sometimes. You deserve it.

Enjoy culture, arts and good music.

Fall in love with ideas, people and places and stick by them no matter what.

Learn about science and technology. It’s pushing our race of people forward.

Don’t forget how infinite the universe is when you start to make a big deal over nothing.

Learn crafts and skills at any chance you can. (But maybe not how to swing a flip blade)

Work with other people. A lot.

Show patience and always be prepared.

Live freely whenever you can. Get outside.

Work hard. Sleep can wait.

See the world.

Hustle. By that, I mean hustle HARD.

Celebrate your good work when you do it. You deserve it.

Act fearlessly.

Make stupid decisions if they feel right at the time. Learn from them.

Appreciate this beautiful planet. We only have one. Let’s try to keep it in one piece.