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Librarians take on the digital age.

The Librarian's Journey Through The Digital Age [Infographic]

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We’ve certainly come a long way from stitching parchment or papyrus pages of written works together thousands of years ago, haven’t we? Nowadays, it seems like we’ve traded the good ole ink and paper for an electronic gadget aiming to be dubbed the most innovative, lightest, and fanciest on the market. 

It’s no secret that the rising popularity of digitized archives and electronic media has transformed the way information is accessed today. This particular illustration presents the unique challenges librarians are facing during the digital age, new roles undertaken and other stats related to this evolving community resource.

Some may argue that computers are slowly transforming the librarian into a fixture of the past, but the truth is that these literary curators have adapted to these changes and now play an essential role in the digital information management revolution.

Illustration provided by: USC Online Library Science Degree