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Green Living For The Modern City Dweller

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Living in the city can often make it near impossible to have that greener, sustainable life us metropolitan dwellers so crave. We try our best by turning off the lights, recycling whatever we can and making sure we haven’t left the tap dripping, but surely there’s something else we can be doing to minimise the negative impact we’re making on the planet?

Luckily, there is! Reducing household food waste is a great place to start. According to a UN report released earlier this week, the food the world wastes accounts for more greenhouse gas emissions than any country except for China and the US. To make things worse, roughly a third of all food that is fit for human consumption (i.e all 1.3 billion tons of it) is wasted, which in itself takes huge amounts of energy, water and chemicals to properly dispose of. 

It might seem like something difficult to tackle from the confines of your cramped city apartment and little or no access to outdoor space, but Sustainable America are here to help us out a little. In the infographic below, they show us an easy, simple and cheap way to make the most of what little space and resources we have to hand in order to be able to compost at home, with not a garden in sight.