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Ferris Wheel - A City Icon

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Ferris Wheels are becoming an iconic symbol of many cities. The first of it’s kind was the Chicago Wheel built in 1893 followed by The Great Wheel in 1895 (which have all presently been dismantled and replaced by new Ferris wheels). Many cities have followed by example particularly London Eye which has become one of Europe’s largest icons to define the landscape of London. 

It is no doubt that London Eye is the world’s most iconic Ferris Wheel which has been extremely successful in bringing people together and gaining attention for it’s remarkable design and use. 

Here is an infographic of how it all started and some of the competitors in the race of building the biggest Ferris Wheel.

It is worth noting that Japan is currently in the process of building The Nippon Moon which aims to be the tallest Ferris Wheel in the world with a 32-capsule wheel set to rotate in 40 minutes, breaking the 165-meter Singapore Flyer which is presently the tallest Ferris Wheel in the world.