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Check Out This Man's Reaction To Seeing His Wife For The "First Time"


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It’s the middle of the week and autumn is most definitely on its way, so here’s something to warm your insides and get you through the rest of the day. 

This clip of a man seeing his wife again for the first time after surgery is the latest video to go viral because, well, it’s just so damn cute.

Candice Mortensen filmed her groggy and confused husband of six years Jason, as he came around from his anaesthetic-induced haze. He doesn’t seem to quite know who she is, but is sure that she’s the “prettiest woman [he's] ever seen”, before proclaiming he must’ve “hit the jackpot”.

Once recovered, Jason posted the video on YouTube which has been viewed more than four million times in two weeks, adding that he wished he could remember more of the incident, but that he “was definitely out of it.”