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Why Do We Read?


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One of the first things I notice when I visit a friend’s home is their bookshelf. It’s a snapshot of their interests, not to mention an instant topic of conversation. And it’s not just the titles of the books that a person chooses to read that can reveal elements of their personality, it’s the amount. If you haven’t got a single book on display in your house, I’m going to get a little suspicious. 

Author John Green, one half of the hilarious Youtubers the Vlog Brothers, thinks that the reason why we read is because we want to communicate. Books are a medium of communication. The conversation begins with the author (who may have conversations with other authors within the book itself if it’s a work of non-fiction) and continues to the reader, who can reinterpret the original message and pass it on again. Research even suggests that reading fiction causes us to become more empathetic, as we understand other points of view as we read stories that may not bear much resemblance to our own lives.

Watch the video below to find out more about how and why we read books.

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