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Richie Parker At Work. Photo Credit -YouTube

'I Don't Listen Much To People Who Tell Me I Can't Do Something' Richie Parker's Amazing Attitude



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Mondays can be a bit of a downer, the weekend has sped by and your back to work again. What if every task you want to achieve today, from driving to work to eating your lunch, requires ingenuity?

Richie Parker was born in May of 1983 with a non-genetic birth defect meaning he has no arms. He carries out most tasks such as driving, with his feet. He has been a vehicle engineer at elite NASCAR creators Hendrick Motor Sports for over eight years. 

His parents have treated him like any other child, as his mum says in the video below “We are going to make it work” no ifs, buts or maybes about it.

Take a look at Richie’s story below and ask yourself if you take your independence for granted, then maybe Monday’s won’t look so bad.