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George Montague, Brighton Pride Ambassador 2013

"I Am The Oldest Gay In The Village", Brighton Pride - George Montague

This is a community post, untouched by our editors.


I would like to thank all those who voted for me to be their Ambassador for all old gay men at this year Brighton Pride. I will now consider it my job to continue as an Ambassador to do all that I can for old gay men.

There are now in this country, 200,000 old men living on their own

There are now I read, in this country, 200,000 old men living on their own. We are all living longer, which is a good thing, but only if life is good. Most of us, with a bit of luck, if we look after ourselves, will be old one day. What I will try to do is to promote the welfare and care of old gay men.

Brighton is the most gay friendly city in the world, that is why we live here.

Thailand, and it’s people is the most gay friendly country – we winter there. As I told the almost 90 that came to my 90th I am the luckiest of my age. So I want to do whatever I can to make the life of old gay men better.

There really is no excuse for old gay men to be lonely, living in Brighton. Unless that is, if they are unfortunate enough to be in a care home. Birds of a feather need to be together with those with something in common. Gay friendly management, Staff, and other inmates and a few other gays.

Except for the Cities Rural Britain’s OAPs are not noted for being gay friendly. Having had to spend their lives in the closet maybe for their work, why stay? The only option for these is to move, if they can down size maybe. There is not much I can do for “stick in muds”. One has to socialize.

Something not every well known is the number of those young who love old. The name is Gerontophile, “as far removed from a paedophile as possible”. I have one! Brighton is ok, but in London The Quebec (in Marble Arch) is the place to go. They are rare, but when you find one life begins again. As I say Socialize.

Thank to The Argus by Neil Vowles, I have found an excellent, Editor Tim Tate and  Clare Christian and now John Blake Publisher has published my memoirs as “the Oldest Gay in the Village”. Part of the proceeds is donated to charities. My message is “it’s OK to be gay”.

George Montague, Brighton now 91 (geosom@hotmail.com)