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Tahir Square

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As military jets engraved a huge smoke heart over Tahir Square on Thursday, cheers rang out from the crowd below celebrating the recent overthrow of the government, heralded as a new chapter in Egypt’s future. Why is it that a country who democratically elected Mohamed Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood only just over one year ago, have now ousted him, possibly returning to a regime that the people fought so hard to overturn?

Why is it that a country who democratically elected Mohamed Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood only just over one year ago, have now ousted him

During his time in office, Morsi has alienated a large section of the Egyptian people by imposing sharia law which has restricted public transport, enforced dress codes, limited freedom of expression and diminished women’s rights to an education –  reports coming from Egypt in the last few days reveal that as many as 43 women have been raped since demonstrations began. 

This in turn has affected Egypt’s international relationships threatening their already precarious economy. Morsi accepted interest free fuel handouts from Libya and a $5 billion grant from Qatar whilst one in four young Egyptians are unemployed.

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Morsi was given a 48 hour ultimatum by the military and subsequently taken into custody as the Muslim Brotherhood’s headquarters were ransacked and members of the party attacked and arrested. We must now ask ourselves if a military regime is any better, clearly Morsi’s government failed but how can the opposition justify the level of violence of recent weeks? 

Four of the Brotherhood’s senior leaders are detained for ‘inciting violence against protesters’ whilst in March of this year twelve activists were acquitted for inciting an attack against the Brotherhood’s headquarters.

On Friday the Muslim Brotherhood took to the streets in a ‘day of rejection’ against the inauguration of the interim president Adli Mansour, despite his attempts to reach out to the Brotherhood and his appeal to the people of Egypt that “we stop producing tyrants”. Gehad el-Haddad, a spokesman for the Muslim Brotherhood, called for peaceful protests despite Morsi’s allies rejecting the new regime. The Brotherhood stating the army’s moves as simply a ‘military coup’.

Around the world President of the United States Barack Obama has been criticised for failing to add his endorsement of the overthrow of Morsi’s government, whilst Russia’s Vladmir Putin was quoted as saying “Syria is already in the grips of a Civil War and Egypt is moving in that direction. We would see that the Egyptian people avoid this fate”.

Unfortunately the threat of Civil War is now ever more prevalent, how many more innocent people will die before the country can find a balance between democracy and dictatorship?