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This Might Be the Most Important Video in America


The idea that the U.S. government can whimsically steal up 2.1 million gigabytes of personal data every hour, just as long as they deem it of significant potential importance, is one that has severely damaged the confidence in the Fourth Amendment. The Tailored Access Operations’ remit is rampantly unpopular but we are now lead to believe that it is the truth, especially after classified NSA briefings confirmed this.

Or Has It?

The video below has just made everything a little more complicated. After a snappy debate between Jerrold Nadler and FBI Chief Robert Mueller as to whether the Forth Amendment is even breached here at all – technically, apparently not. Why? Because metadata is not covered in the Forth Amendment (this quickly came under fire). Why else? Because the government operatives need a warrant to listen to your personal conversations and metadata. Wait, what?

Although this is not to be taken as a huge sigh of relief across the country, it gives the indication that the information surrounding the NSA might be even more ambiguous than before. If the FBI Chief says that the officers exercising the right to access metadata requires a warrant – should we believe that?