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Sienna Says - the 360° set at Bold Tendencies

Sienna Says - A New Digital Culture Show For Kids Challenging Entertainment For Children.


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Sienna Says is an innovative arts and culture show to inspire kids’ imaginations.

With the widely publicised downfall of shows such as Blue Peter, Chris and Sienna feel it is vital that children are exposed to original and forward-thinking forms of entertainment that represent the finest creative talent – perhaps not normally not exposed to this demographic – as well as learning to be part of the digital world we as adults use. They want to teach kids that creativity is a core value to not just the arts, but any aspiration.

Based on a unique 360° film set, the show is 10 minutes long and split into 8 ‘sections’ in order to hold children’s attention; think of them as ‘bite-size chunks of culture’, each showcasing different skills, art installations, talents and performances. Also, the ‘behind the scenes’ is placed at the forefront of the experience so that kids can understand the workings of a film set. While each section of the set is being filmed, kids can scroll through the rest of the set to see the other stages being constructed, and more.

This August, they have been commissioned to shoot a pilot at Bold Tendencies Sculpture Park in Peckham, London. Bold Tendencies is one of London’s most respected modern art installations, taking place in an unused 10-story park, with the infamous ‘Frank’s’ Campari bar at the very top and some of the best views of the city.

Become a founding patron in their venture and mission to make children’s entertainment more intelligent, interesting and diverse!  Click here for many more details on the project on Kickstarter!