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One Fine Day In London - Transvestites Hit The Town

This post is a response to Seeking Talent In The Big Smoke - Introducing Kal Lavelle And The World's End, Finsbury Park. by Gabriella Sonabend
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One fine day in London…

A gorgeous blonde (Koko Oh-No!) with perfect ringlets in her luscious hair strolls into a classy nail salon to get that perfect pink sheen over her supple rounded nails and moisturised cuticles. Her phone rings and on the other end of the line another stunning lady (Ciara Leone) sat in a hair salon invites her on a fabulous day out. They meet in Primrose Hill, a location at the height of sophistication where they bump into old school friend (Harmony Ivy). Harmony has a fabulous sense of fun and playfulness, she takes the others to buy cupcakes and champagne and they celebrate their youth, energy, beauty and joyful spirits in the dazzling London heat-wave sun. The days adventures are not quite enough and they catch a rickshaw ride into Soho attracting longing gazes from men and women alike wherever they happen to go…

Enter KAL LAVELLE (the voice behind this great summer anthem) and welcome to a world of transvestites, fabulous dresses, impressive dance moves, gorgeous pouts, cheeky winks and back stage scenes in London’s infamous Madame JoJo’s! 

Take it as a joyful adventure, a glimpse into another transgendered world, take it however you please but take it nonetheless!

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