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Box jellyfish (thedingostrategy / Flickr)

Jellyfish Agony In The Name Of Research—Painful Viewing!

This post is a response to Is Poison The Key To Immortality? by Meerkuts

Poison may be the key to immortality, but we’re going to have to suffer in order to unlock the door. The box jellyfish, mentioned in the previous article, has a sting capable of producing some of the most intense pain the human body can experience. In this remarkable (and somewhat difficult to watch) video, a team of research scientists track down the tiny but extremely venomous Irukandji jellyfish, and allow it to sting them in order to observe the symptoms in controlled conditions.

The scientists are taken to a medical unit where they are closely monitored as they undergo the agonizing pain, “so intense that the maximum dose of morphine barely takes the edge off.” With heart rate and blood pressure rapidly rising, they writhe on the hospital beds as the effects take hold—and last for up to two whole weeks.

Yet amazingly, once recovered, both of the scientists head straight back into the water to continue their research. Now that’s a level of dedication that deserves respect…