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Coffee shop in Adams Morgan by Andrew Griffith via Flickr

How Can Working In Coffee Shops Increase Your Creativity?

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Cafe Collaboration

Coffee shop in Adams Morgan by Andrew Griffith via Flickr

Great coffee and creative people can lead to real innovation

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In the various guises I have assumed in the working world I have spent a lot of time working on the move and coffee shops have been my harbours as I have sailed from place to place. Whether it is finding free Wi-Fi so I can check my email, dropping in for a meeting, needing some space away from the office, or just wanting a really good coffee, I have frequently found myself gravitating towards cafes to get work done.

It does not take long to realise that there are a lot of people doing the same thing. In the average coffee shop you find managers doing appraisals, leaders getting some thinking time, entrepreneurs finding free work space and small businesses hooking up to collaborate.

And how better to do all these things than with the fine accompaniment of great coffee? Along the way I have found that you can also meet lots of interesting people, share ideas and even pick up new business.

This is not a new phenomenon though; coffee, business and creativity actually have a long and distinguished history. Did you know that Lloyds of London (the famous insurers) actually started out in a coffee shop in 1689? It just goes to show that coffee was a big thing in the UK before Starbucks (and before tea)!

Lloyd's Coffee House plaque - wikicommons

Lloyd’s Coffee House plaque – wikicommons

Another influential coffee bar was 2i’s in London’s Soho district, especially as the coffee shop was also a music venue between 1956-1970. 2i’s became the birthing place of many famous acts and influences; from the pop and rock and roll of Cliff Richard and Hank Marvin to the progressive rock of Deep Purple‘s Ritchie Blackmore and Peter Grant (manager of Led Zeppelin).

All this got me thinking; if coffee shops are such great places to start businesses and to innovate how can I make it easier for people to find excellent coffee, convenient workspace and opportunities for co-working and networking?

And that’s where the idea for Café Collaboration was born.

Café Collaboration is a community of people who want coffee and creativity to go hand in hand.

Café Collaboration provides:

  • An online and real-time community for people who love cafe culture and creativity
  • Reviews of top coffee shops and workspaces, highlighting the best coffee, free Wi-Fi and best atmospheres for working effectively and co-working
  • Events to bring people together where they can learn, share, network and work together in a relaxed and innovative environment

The community is expanding rapidly with people sharing ideas, workspaces and coffee shop reviews from the United Kingdom and the United States, and more in the pipeline from South America, Australia and New Zealand. Saying that, if you would like to add a review please do get in contact.

The first Café Collaboration event is going to be a workshop for freelancers and small businesses about what is working in marketing and how to get better at selling your business. It is to be held in London on Thursday 4th July and you can find more details here:

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