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Offline Glass - Photo Credit: YouTube/TvAdsCommercial2013

Better Than Google Glass; The Offline Glass

This innovation from the Salve Jorge Bar in Brazil will provide more down time from the mobile connectivity of our lives, improving real-life social situations in pubs and bars for those who find themselves entertaining themselves too often.



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Sitting in a bar with friends who are glued to their mobiles or tablets is a consequence of the modern age, but whether they are social networking, or dealing with colleagues emails sitting there on your own can become tiring, boring and frustrating. What adds insult to injury in this scenario is the lack of control over your own destiny, you must merely wait until your companion has finished their business so they can once again engage with you in a real-life social interaction.

The Salve Jorge Bar, whilst apparently in need of a bar-man who can pour a pint, have come up with the solution. The Offline Glass; essentially an iPhone height notch is cut out of the glass upon creation, so that once the customer places their drink on the table the glass will fall over unless it is placed on top of their phone. This of course renders the phone useless whilst the person has a drink, forcing them to engage with their compatriots. Furthermore this places your destiny back in your own hands; if you are the victim in this charade, all that is required to stop your anti-social friends is to get the next round in.