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4 Lamest Excuses For Not Going Green


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Going green is more than just a passing fad, it’s a growing movement that’s gaining a lot of momentum. Nevertheless, there are still many who refuse to jump on the electric-powered bandwagon, stubbornly preferring their fuel-guzzling lifestyle. While there are lots of excuses floating around for not going green, most are easily dispelled with a solid look at the facts.

I Don’t Believe in Global Warming

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That’s fine. You don’t have to believe in global warming to see the merits of a greener lifestyle. The enormous amount of non-biodegradable waste sent to landfills has resulted in the Pacific Garbage Patch. This mass of floating garbage in the ocean includes many types of trash, much of which is plastic and extremely dangerous to marine life. A whopping 80% of this debris comes from land. Recycling can help stop this growing problem.

Farming monocultures where a single plant species is grown has actually caused some plants to go extinct. The Gros Michel banana went extinct functionally about 50 years ago. Now the Cavendish dominates store shelves, but a new disease is threatening this variety as well. Supporting heirloom produce and small farmers is a way to fight this issue. Global warming isn’t the sole reason to go green.

It’s Just Too Expensive

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When done right, green living is actually less expensive. Using public transportation or a bike cuts your gas bill, while driving less will cut your insurance premium. Using less water and electricity, not surprisingly, reduces your utility bills. Growing produce at home is often cheaper than relying on grocery store finds. Creatively reusing items eliminates the need to constantly buy new. Shopping used is always less expensive than buying new. Going green isn’t all about fancy bamboo bedding or shopping exclusively at Whole Foods. If it’s too expensive, you’re doing it wrong.

I Don’t Have the Time

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Sacrifice just one hour of television this week and you could take several steps around the house that will create lasting environmental change. Put a brick in the back of your toilet tank to lower water usage, Plug the television and accessories into a power strip you can flip off at night. Ditch your fancy screen saver so your computer will use less electricity when not in use. Activities like taking a shorter shower actually save time. Try to argue with that.

I Won’t Really Make a Difference

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Tally up the number of garbage bags you set out every month. The average American produces 29 pounds of garbage a week, or 1,600 pounds of garbage a year. Reducing the amount of waste that you send to landfills will make a very big difference. Recycling and composting have very obvious and measurable results. Something like installing solar panels for home will have a major long-term impact. Calculate your carbon footprint now and after making some green changes to see the big impact your small changes can make.

Ditch the excuses and try getting honest with yourself about why you’re hesitating. There are so many ways to green up your lifestyle you can surely find at least a few that work for you.

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