Wedding presents are big business...each of us spends on average £51.01 on wedding gifts each time we attend. Here are some tips for wedding gifts which won't break the bank.



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So you’ve been invited to a wedding or two in 2013? Fantastic. There’s nothing like a good wedding for an excuse to have a great party, meet up with old friends and distant family and generally have a wonderful time.

Wedding presents are big business…each of us spends on average £51.01 on wedding gifts each time we attend.

However, weddings can be expensive events. As well as shopping for dresses for wedding guests that are attending in your household, you’ll also need to think about the wedding gift you bring. Wedding presents are big business. Insurance firm First Direct states each of us spends on average £51.01 on wedding gifts each time we attend.

You don’t always need to spend a fortune on wedding gifts, though. With many couples already living together, the traditional toaster and coffee machine gifts are no longer necessary. Many couples appreciate something a bit more unique, so here are some suggestions for your ideal wedding gift in 2013.

Photo Credit:  linh.ngan/Flickr

Photo Credit: linh.ngan/Flickr

Something Crafty

Can you sew? Paint? Are you a dab hand at photography? Handmade gifts that you have poured your time and energy into are worth a thousand expensive champagne glasses, so if you can make something unique and beautiful for the bride and groom, you could really make an impact – and save yourself a few pennies too!

Experience Counts

If you know the couple has all the things they ‘need’, why not look to get them something they ‘want’. Gift experiences are a great way to treat them to a day out, and if you go halves with someone else in your family they need not cost the earth. Choose from skydiving, bungee jumping, supercar driving or a nice pamper weekend for the two of them.

Money Talks

Couples these days are under as much financial pressure as anyone else, so if you can afford to stick some cash in an envelope it will no doubt be received gratefully. If you prefer not to give cash, why not choose from one of the many gift cards available. From Amazon to Argos, there are gift cards for every budget and store, which will allow the happy couple treat themselves to something they really like.

Service With a Smile

Much like an experience day, hiring the couple a ‘service’ for the day can be a fabulous way to help make memories. If they have kids, you could get them a nanny for a day, so they can have a bit of time to themselves, or get them a luxury car to take a trip in for a day. If these are too expensive, you could treat them to a full valet on their own car, a deep clean for their house or a gardener to tidy up their outside space.

Beef Up the Big Day

Many couples are trying to get wed on a budget, and sometimes have to go without some of the things they would have liked on their big day. If you are close to the couple, you probably already know some of the sacrifices they made. Maybe the bride didn’t have the exact bouquet they wanted, or they decided to do away with the string quartet.

You might not be able to afford these things by yourself, but talk to other people that are going about what the couple don’t have, and see if a few of you can cover the cost of getting them all the bells and whistles to make their big day special.