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Photo Credit: YouTube

The Batman

A video clip displaying the dangerous flight of Alexander Polli through a mountain.



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This short video clip documents the thrill-seeking, boundary pushing antics of extreme sports fanatic Alexander Polli. The half Italian, half Norwegian adrenaline seeker displays a serious amount of bottle in this video in which he uses a wing-suit to fly through a hole in a mountain side that is minimally larger than his actual height. The video is shot at the Roca Foradada Mountains that are located  in Montserrat, Spain, and quite frankly displays some seemingly superhuman flight techniques from Polli.

Reaching speeds of up to 250 km/h on a strict trajectory path, Polli makes a descent to what is known as the “Batman Cave,” and with no margin for error he emphatically completes his journey. Shot in HD, this clip was commissioned by Polli to inspire people not only to climb their mountains, but to fly right through them.