Apparently the average person washing their hands wastes almost six litres of water while only actually using one. I am certainly one of those guilty of letting the tap run on a little longer when washing my hands or brushing my teeth. But in a time where clean safe water is in short supply in so much of the developing world, this seems like an avoidable problem. One litre is sufficient to get your hands clean. Simple as that.

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So, here’s a tap from designers Yonggu Do and Dohyung Kim & Sewon Oh of Yanko Design, called the 1ℓimit faucet. It is an elegant glass tube that holds precisely one litre of water. Once you’ve used this up, you must turn off the tap until the next single litre fills up. The process is purposefully a little cumbersome – experientially designed to make you think about the issue of conservation, internalise it and act differently.

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Would you use the One Litre Limit faucet to knowingly restrict your water usage, or would its limitations put you off?