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Photo: Courtesy of Artist

Mr. Banjee: An Evening With Abdu Ali

In this video interview, Diamond Newman spends an evening with musical entertainer and 'banjee extraordinaire' Abdu Ali, trying to capture the essence of this unique artist.



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Photo: Courtesy of Artist

Photo: Courtesy of Artist

Back in 2005, I became best friends with a young man named Abdu Eaton Jr. He was the Will to my Grace. He exuded vibrancy, excitement and style but it was always packaged in sophistication and realness. He was the guy that could walk around with the neon blue shoes, the thrifty leather jacket and a patterned printed bow-tie and still give handshakes to the most thuggish of them all. Don’t forget, all of this was in high school.

Fast-forward to 2013, and Abdu is still that guy. The only difference now is he’s a  vogue dipping, dress wearing, over the top musical entertainer screaming, “I’m special. I’m so fucking special!” More than that, he is a “banjee” extraordinaire.

What is “Banjee”, you ask?  According to Mr. Ali himself, “Banjee is really more of a lifestyle and persona of being street yet sophisticated and intelligent. It’s like a new wave dandy.” This definition is very Abdu.

This rising cult-classic is not just sitting around waiting for his dreams to come true. He is a brilliant millennial using  new media  to push  his true essence and self-product. Only a year after realizing he wanted to perform he released his first EP, Invictos. He combines his passion, his higher education, his street knowledge and his creative way of life to organically shape the Abdu Ali empire. Whether it’s through an energetic performance in a boutique-sized venue or through a trippy music video plastered on Youtube, you can witness Abdu’s vision. The very vibrancy, excitement and style that was always so attractive in high school still makes up the Abdu recipe today.

“Banjee is really more of a lifestyle and persona of being street yet sophisticated and intelligent. It’s like a new wave dandy.” – Abdu Ali

Abdu is the product of a generation who understands that traditional jobs are not waiting on their doorsteps. They have internalized the internet being their best friend for the goals they want, and need, to accomplish.  They also understand they can create what they want at any time of the day. Fashion publications, online web-shows and music movements are running faster than Olympic sprinters.

These young people don’t need business school to lay down the foundation of their personal entities. They Google it, they conceptualize it and they do it. Pass or fail. They will make it work.

Abdu’s peers are considered “entitled” but they call it, “self-branding”.  And, this young man’s  representation of passion  makes him my first pick for my new online series, “The Say Series”. “The Say Series” is a collection of conversation pieces that documents and explores contemporary people and ideas. I spent a Friday night with Abdu at his home and captured the true essence of this artist. He was raw, he was funny, he was himself.

In the video piece, Abdu leaves us with this and I wouldn’t mind passing this on: “To all the m****f***ing  little queens  in the small towns across America: KEEP DOING YOU!”

The Queen has spoken.

For information on Abdu Ali: Abdu

*video contains some strong language*