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Vimeo/Waiting Out Winter

Riding Out Winter [Video]

A homage to all craftspeople who spend their winters tucked inside their workshops waiting for better weather.

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The sprinkling of snow that dusted areas across England reminded the country that we haven’t quite yet seen the back of what has been a bitterly cold winter. Sitting in mid-February means there is at least a couple of months until the t-shirts, skirts and flip-flops can be dusted off. This video produced by Cast & Salvage encapsulates the feeling of hibernation at this time of year, whilst providing an air of optimism towards the slowly, but surely, approaching sunnier climes.

Cast & Salvage is a workshop in Philadelphia that specialise in the repair of vintage motorbikes, and they have produced a video dedicated to all those waiting for the winter to pass. The video initially set out to appeal to crafts-people who are grafting away in their workshops waiting for the winter to pass, so they can exhibit their work. However, its message has reached a broader audience through a soothing soundtrack, complimented by some clever shooting and speed changes. Even the Cast & Salvage Tumblr lives up to the short video (come advert’s) standards as they regularly blog stylish images to document the business they do.