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Photo Credit: YouTube

Ultimate Car Chase [Video]

Audi released a video that shows two 2013 RS 4 Avants with bonnet mounted paintball guns take over a military aircraft hangar and go head to head in the ultimate paintball duel.



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In trying to promote the Audi RS4 Avant, the German car manufacturer may have changed Hollywood car chase scenes forever. The clip depicts two of their newest model battling it out with a paintball gun mounted on each hood. The two cars are then unleashed on each other in an aircraft hangar with minimal cover from the mounted guns, which are operated by a button on the car’s interior. As the high intensity scene develops, and the scores rack up, the drivers reveal some hidden weapons including paint grenades and paint trails sending their tallies into overdrive, as paint litters the arena. Barring some dated music Audi have created something really innovative to publicise their latest release, and this advert is likely to catch people’s attention promoting Audi as a brand, not just their newest model.

Nevertheless, the setting of the video bears an uncanny likeness to a previous advert the company output for the R8 Spyder, an equally creative piece. The clip also set in an aircraft hangar shows a number of rusty and outlandish race cars speeding around, before some classical music drops revealing the elegant Spyder cruising among the madness.