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Osei-Duro is a relatively new sustainable fashion brand located in Los Angeles, California and in Accra, Ghana. This inspiring brand is known for its unique style of clothing that focuses on using traditional West African techniques while they produce all their textiles and garments in Ghana. Their collections use a wide range of materials and traditional techniques including the use of wax and screen prints, heavy hand weaving, local hand dyeing and batik techniques.


In order to make Ghana’s fashion industry more ethical, Osei-Duro honours typical Ghanaian aesthetic by using a variety of prints in the same outfit. It is interesting to see a Californian brand take inspiration from a relatively unknown ethnic background. The simple act of purchasing an item from Osei-Duro can have a big impact in Ghana by creating opportunities for their workers and increasing their general quality of life.


Osei-Duro is also home to an amazing blog which is worth checking out. It is full of vibrant colorful imagery of Ghanaian culture which gives an interesting insight into their lifestyle.

Brighten up your day with some Ghanaian style!

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