Are you a person who finds it difficult to gain weight? The good news is that there are ways to build muscle naturally, without being dependent on supplements which have adverse side effects.


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Are you a person who finds it difficult to gain weight? Whilst you may be the envy of others who only need to look at a plate of chips and pile on the pounds – for some it can be quite distressing to gain weight and build up muscle mass. The good news is that there are ways to build muscle naturally, without being dependent on supplements which are used vastly – especially in the bodybuilding industry.

There are two simple ways to gain weight and build up muscle – a training programme, (which involves using weights) and a nutritious diet. Sounds simple? It is. You don’t need to go out and spend a fortune on protein drinks, supplements and testosterone-enhancing pills. Muscles need protein and carbohydrates, including foods that are rife in amino acids.


Protein builds up muscle mass and carbohydrates supply your body with energy, which is crucial if you are putting your body through a training programme. Protein can be found in foods such as chicken breast, tuna, eggs, nuts (especially peanuts and almonds) and milk. To fuel your body with energy it is essential that you eat a large amount of complex carbohydrates. Not only will these carbohydrates fuel your body after an exercise regime, they are vital for gaining weight. Foods with complex carbohydrates include brown rice, potatoes, oatmeal and fruits and vegetables. Additionally, there are certain benefits of consuming these carbohydrates, such as aiding healthy digestion, increasing endurance levels, speeding up muscle recovery and lifting your mood.

One of the reasons why you should follow a strict, nutritious diet is because certain foods contain amino acids, which are crucial for any training regime as these acids help the growth of muscles and assist in their repair. Amino acids can be found in the protein foods listed above. Soy actually contains nine essential amino acids that are required for muscle growth so you might want to consider trying foods like tofu, soy beans and nuts.

Do you still feel the need to take supplements? Unless you’re a few weeks away from a major body-building tournament then supplements aren’t necessary. Surely it’s more rewarding to build up muscle the natural way? Besides, it’s healthier and doesn’t put any stress on your vital organs. For instance, creatine is one of the biggest selling supplements used by body builders. However, it can have adverse effects if used in vast amounts. Our muscles already carry a required amount of creatine so if consumed abundantly then some of our other organs can take a reduction in water, thus leading to dehydration. Dehydration can cause severe muscle cramps and in severe cases, cause kidney problems. This is just one example of the disadvantages of supplements.

Photo credit: mikebaird/ Flickr

Photo credit: mikebaird/ Flickr

Health benefits

Once you’re on board with the health benefits of a nutritious diet, you need to coincide with your eating habits with a training programme. You may think that three hours a day in the gym, lifting the heaviest weights will help develop a muscular body. This is not necessarily the case. You shouldn’t overdo it in the gym and it’s recommended that you work on two muscle groups per training session. Maybe one day you could concentrate on your chest and biceps, another day, the back and triceps and another –your legs and shoulders. This way you allow your other muscle groups to rest in between workouts.

Another important aspect of weight training is the way you train. It’s not all about picking up a dumbbell and repeatedly lifting. If not done correctly, you could be causing damage to your muscles, including your back. When you pick up a dumbbell or a barbell, the impact of the lifting is in the grip. The bars on the dumbbells or barbells can be quite slim –this can be difficult to grip. Some people lack strength in their forearms but if the grip was firmer then you could lift the weights to your full potential, thus allowing your muscles to build easier. Fat Gripz is a revolutionary idea, which allows you to grip your bar properly and assist with increasing strength and mass. You can attach the grips to the bar to make them thicker, providing an intensified workout.

There are two more things to consider when you are considering building muscle the natural way. Instead of eating three large meals a day, it is more beneficial to eat five or six small meals a day. This way your body is constantly fueled, your metabolism is increased (burning fat) and helps to avoid cravings. With respect to exercising, it could be a good idea to train one day on and one day off – that way your body and muscles are able to rest. Lastly, don’t expect to wake up after a few days training and expect a body like the Hulk. Building muscle naturally can take time but if it is done correctly then you will achieve the desired results as well as peace of mind that you never had to conform to using any supplements that could essentially damage your body.