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Photo Credit:YouTube/Google Glass

Google Glass Promo [Video]

Google's latest release advertising their head mounted display Google Glass.

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To raise the profile of the next big thing in android technology, Google have released a new video documenting the use of their latest innovation, Google Glass. Glass is a head mounted display, which uses a similar concept to that of Apple’s SIRI to provide the user with a hands free, voice activated, information device. The promotional video advertises a competition Google are running that offers the winners one of 8000 of the devices to trial, with the catch being that they will have to pay £985 for the privilege.

The short film is the most recent in a series of promos, which have hinted at the potential future of instant information technology, although none to date have quite shown the device’s capacity as their latest release. The video displays Google Glass used for POV filming, photography, picture display, satellite navigation and quickfire internet searches. The release of Google Glass however is not for some time yet, and it is believed that they will not be available until 2014.

Here is an earlier video release from Google advertising the Glass project.