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Finding the Mother Inside Us

This beautiful video follows a woman as she kayaks the Great Salt Lake, meditating on the meaning of life and the grandeur of nature.

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The mysteries of life cannot be unraveled.  We all go through our journeys questioning and experiencing many things, but the beauty of nature doesn’t cease to exist.

Here is a woman in her sixties who, having lived through a lot of experiences, is still trying to decipher the purpose and innate meanings of life. She calls this inquisitiveness “the mother inside us”, which once awoken by the landscape can be an enlightening experience.  As humans we are constantly trying to understand life, but sometimes not knowing the answers and just existing in the present moment can be very satisfying.

As Melody (the video’s protagonist) revels in her experiences, walking the canyons of Utah desert and kayaking through the Great Salt Lake, she expresses her dreams and desires to live:

 “I still have dreams, dreams are being able to stay in the flow of life, to be able to move through the challenges that will always be thrown at us, not to shut down, to stay open to possibilities; it’s amazing to bring a life into this world, it’s scary, it’s joyful, it’s terrifying, it’s beautiful, it’s all of those things.”

Watching her experience the beauty of life through her natural surroundings, we can get some sense of the fascinating, hypnotic grandeur of nature.