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'Arbejdsglaede': The Art of Being Happy At Work

Arbejdsglaede is a Scandinavian word meaning 'happiness at work'. This animated video explains the meaning of the word, and how understanding it can help us to be more successful and productive.

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Arbejdsglaede’, a word found only in Scandinavia, is something that should be implemented in every workplace around the world. The word, which means ‘happiness at work’ is a rare phenomenon not found in every language. It teaches us about how being happy at work can lead to success, and that instead of chasing success at work, it is instead important to do what makes us happy, as success will evidently follow.

This animated video shows the importance of enjoying what we do, no matter what it is, and that monetary gain is not the only successful means of being happy. Although money is important, if we chase after only financial gain, we will have less chance of being happy. Watch this video to find out what Arbejdsglaede really means and the effect it can have on changing people’s lives. You can also see the Arbejdsglaede website to find out more about how this word has been implemented.