Graham Hill shows us the ins and outs of his incredible 420 square foot New York apartment that has eight rooms in it!

Graham Hill’s transforming New York apartment in its bedroom form. via Life Edited

Graham Hill’s transforming apartment in its bedroom form. via LifeEdited

Last month Gizmodo published this neat video called The Tiny Transforming Apartment That Packs Eight Rooms into 350 Square Feet. In it founder Graham Hill shows us the ins and outs of his incredible 420 square foot apartment in SoHo, New York City.

The city that never sleeps – with it’s cluttered infrastructure and sky-high house prices – is certainly not renowned for excess living space, but Hill has managed to turn what might otherwise be a cramped space into a home with the functionality of one many times larger. The Life Edited apartment is a “constantly evolving space” [Gizmodo]; you walk in to what appears to be a tiny studio apartment, but with a little shifting of the bookshelf the living room/office becomes a comfortable bedroom. Likewise, one of many closets conceals an extendable dining table and 10 stackable chairs for when Hill has guests round. And let’s not mention the guest room equipped with bunkbeds.

Life Edited Dining Room

Dining Room layout via LifeEdited

In fact, the project is a technological marvel and an inspiration to urban dwellers the world over; there are actually eight variations to the space – minimising environmental footprint whilst remaining aesthetically pleasing.

To build this sort of thing, you need to be a really committed design enthusiast, an eco-nut, inflicted with a severe bout of OCD, or more likely – all of the above.

In a funny, rather telling moment, Hill says (as he opens up one of his closets) ”everyone thinks I’m really anal… [giggles] but I’m a bit of a mess behind closed doors.” But all we see is his stuff organised on shelves with neatness that would make Jack Nicolson’s character in “As Good as it Gets” squal in delight. Messy my foot.

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