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Making 'Invisible Women' Visible

'Invisible Women' is a beautifully shot short film that highlights the difficulties faced by Latin American women working as cleaners in London.

Thanks to its pull as a global hub of trade, finance and technology, London has a huge pull for economic migrants, from both within and outside of the country.

Foreign workers in London are particularly concentrated in certain sectors: it’s estimated that three-quarters of workers in the bar, restaurant and hotel sector were born abroad, for example. These workers in the service industry are a very visible presence, but another of the largest groups of migrant workers is one of the least visible: the army of cleaners who sweep, mop, soap and vacuum the offices of the capital every night.

This short film Invisible Women was produced on behalf of the Latin American Women’s Rights Service to highlight the problems faced by Latin American cleaners working in London.

In the UK and across the world, it’s the strength of organisations like the LAWRS that helps to make these invisible women, visible.