Because sustainability never goes out of style: Urban Market. Buy Better.

Today, Urban Times, the home of optimistic forward-thinking, launches Urban Market – our very own marketplace for ‘good’ goods.

Urban Market was created to offer a platform for “good” goods and to change the way we buy. Amongst our hand-picked products are great men’s and women’s fashion, a selection of accessories and some great gadgets. This is the place where trends will be set for the responsible consumer, sustainably, proving that profit can have purpose. Through Urban Market, the optimistic forward-thinkers are hoping to tackle careless consumerism by featuring great products selected for their “inner values”. Because a consumer’s actions have an impact, Urban Market strive to make it a positive one for the people who make our products and the environment we all live in.

All of the items featured on Urban Market were carefully selected by their fashion team, according to their eco credentials and style. A unique labeling system makes it easier for customers to see if their favourite piece is organic, recycled, upcycled, natural, handcrafted, fair trade, environmentally friendly produced, supporting local business or has a tightly monitored supply chain.

Featured in Urban Market are some exciting brands, including 4 All Humanity, 88style.me, Colin Leslie, Eco Boutique, Format, iZen Bamboo, Katcha Bilek, paprcuts, Rapanui, Sara C and Tirana.

Because sustainability never goes out of style: Urban Market. Buy Better.

Visit our shop now to browse through all the eco-friendlyness and if you are a maker yourself, why not sell your products through us? Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you are interested!

Urban Market’s weblink is: http://shop.urbantimes.co/

Setting Up a Stall at Urban Market


Are you a company or individual selling sustainably produced fashion or gadgets? Is your company based in the UK, US or Europe? Would you like to offer your products to our optimistic, forward-thinking user base?

If the answer is yes to all of the above then you can create your own market stall with us: http://shop.urbantimes.co/submit-your-products/