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Internet Radio and Why It Is Good For You

With the arrival of television as the dominant medium, it seemed like 'video killed the radio star' - until internet radio, that is...

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The 1979 hit song “Video Killed the Radio Star” by the Brit New Wave group The Buggles tells the listeners about the end of an era. With the emergence of music videos, radio began losing its listeners, as they flocked to follow and enjoy the music from their favorite artists in a completely different format. But as the Internet took over to become the most dominant media format of the present day, radio gained some of its popularity back in the form of Internet radio. As the number of households with Internet connection increased, the possibilities for radio resurgence widened. Internet radio stations are now able to broadcast to a wider audience, without the need for new transmission towers.

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But your favorite music is not the only thing that you get from Internet radio. Here are some of the things that you can surely appreciate when you’re tuned in to the radio via the web.

Background music to boost your productivity

One of the main reasons why we go online is to work, and since we’re expected to be working at around 40 hours per week, you’ll probably spend the same amount of time online. Focusing on just one task at a time is already a thing of the past, and multitasking is now the industry standard. When you’re juggling between different pages and spread sheets of unfinished work, you need something to keep you going. The rhythm of background music sets your pace, so playing your favourite songs can potentially boost your productivity. With the Internet right at your fingertips, you don’t have to worry about buying the songs that you want to hear. You can play songs directly from your browser if you are subscribed to an Internet radio service.

 You don’t need an actual radio

The music from the Internet radio is streamed online, so you don’t need new equipment just to play it. If your computer has built-in speakers or you have a decent set of earphones, you are good to go. By eliminating the actual radio unit, you save on space and electricity. All you need is your computer, and of course, a stable Internet connection. Now, if you want to enjoy high quality music, you can just upgrade your speakers and go with a 3-channel or 5-channel set. This bring you a whole host of flexible and customizable features that you won’t really find in an old-school radio.

Take full control over what you listen to

The typical radio usually allows listeners to set 12 to 14 stations on quick-access memory. On the other hand, Internet radio gives you access to thousands of stations, usually segregated based on the genre of music that it plays. You don’t need to hear music that you don’t like, because the typical Internet radio station usually plays music from a certain era, a certain group of artists, or a certain type of music. You can also create a playlist, so that you’ll only listen to specific songs from specific artists. Jumping from one station to another is as easy as a click of the mouse; you never have to look for that sweet spot between each frequency just to get a good radio signal ever again.