Takeshi Ishizaki Born in Yokohama, Japan, takes us on a trip to Tokyo in this week's edition.

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Takeshi Ishizaki
Born in Yokohama, Japan. Living in the Netherlands since 1989. Started photography in October 2011.
For more works, please visit Instagram / 500px / EyeEm under account name ‘take4ish’

Take4ish Waal bridge

Waalbrug (Waal Bridge):
26 December 2012, Nijmegen, the Netherlands. Now this bridge runs peacefully across the Wall river near Nijmegen. But it played one of key roles during the World War II. You can also find it in the film “A Bridge Too Far”.

Take4ish Paris Metro Cite St

Paris Cité (Métro de Paris):
19 October 2012, Paris. I re-visited Paris to flash back to my old time when I lived there late ’80s. Cité is one of my favourite metro stations in Paris.

Take4ish Marunouchi Tokyo

Marunouchi, Tokyo:
July 2012 I just love Tokyo. And missing it a lot…

Take4ish Arnhem Street

Arnhem Street:
26 December 2012, Arnhem, the Netherlands. When I took this shot, I felt that I finally captured the image I had always had in my mind on Northern Europe.

Take4ish Amsterdam Traffic

Amsterdam Traffic:
18 December 2012, in front of the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. Bikers are passing through almost soundlessly in waves. I love this atmosphere.

Take4ish Amsterdam Nightwalk

Amsterdam Night Walk:
29 October 2012, near the Westerkerk (West Church) in Amsterdam. Sometimes the rain makes the world much more exciting.

Take4ish Amsterdam bikes

Amsterdam Bikes:
25 May 2012, at the Amsterdam Central station. Perhaps one of the highest bike density places in the world. I love to take a shot of bikes.