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Exploring The Louvre

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There’s something about museums that make them such an exciting component of our cities, depicting the history of mankind, with various artists and art forms brought together under one building. The Louvre in Paris, a historic monument, is one such museum which is awe inspiring signifying various generations of aesthetic art forms portraying the Medieval, Renaissance, and Bourbon culture. Exploring the Louvre by oneself, alone, is also a remarkable experience in itself.

This video, ‘Path of Beauty‘ (directed by Florent Igla) shows the journey of a young woman (Eve Claudel) as she individually explores the various rooms and sculptures located inside the completely empty famous museum The Louvre. The beauty of the many art forms in the museum almost makes you forget that it is filmed when the museum was completely empty, emphasizing the significance of the path and the place inside the Louvre rather than its popularity or the crowd.