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The Winners of #pinyourcity

Last Monday, Alex and I were invited to the Philips-hosted Thinking Cities event where we were joined by some of the awesome folks from Polis, CITIES, The Pop Up City and more. We all gathered around and put our grades down for the #pinyourcity competition‘s finalist pin boards (read about it here) and we got to witness some of the coolest and most original uses of Pinterest to date.

Then came the round table discussion with the wonderful Dr. Shipra Narang that, at times, became heated enough to show our collective, unbridled passion for the topic of cities but also gracious enough to see that every single one of us around that table respected each other. We discussed what makes cities lovable, livable and also inferior. We debated what it was that needed to change, how we need to enact that change and what the barriers are to us making change happen. It was healthy, constructive and important.

Finally, the winners were announced and it just so happened to be my favourite – see the winning entries below the round-up video below.

WINNER: Jammin’ in Johannesburg

Jammin’ in Johannesburg Pinterest Board

Winning a €1000 health and well-being prize pack | Link


Each winning a €500 health and well-being prize pack:
- London Calling! London, UK
- Utrecht. Utrecht, Netherlands
- Keep Austin Weird. Austin, USA