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Rapanui Sends Rudolph to the Rescue

In late October it was announced that the planned badger cull, a measure to allegedly alleviate the spread of bovine tuberculosis, would be postponed to summer 2013. While the badgers can prepare for another quiet winter sleep, some very concerned individuals have turned to music to try and shake up the nation.

Convinced that free-shooting up to 70% of badgers in affected zones will not help cattle farmers to solve the disease problem, nature-loving fashion brand Rapanui teamed up with Sir David Attenborough, Chris Packham, Radio 1 DJ Rob da Bank and Michael Fish to raise awareness for the issue by devoting their annual Chistmas single to the badger. The song, called “The Present of Life”, was released on 7th December and is raising funds for the Badger Trust, while encouraging supporters to sign Brian May’s petition against the badger cull.

Sir David Attenborough, who appears in their music video, said:

“The government commissioned a scientific study into culling eleven thousand badgers. And the results, of that independent scientific study, were that culling is not a viable policy option.”

Making the discussion more accessible to young people was one reason for Rapanui to take the route that they did. And not taking half-measures, they’re aiming for Christmas number one! Speaking to Urban Times, Rob, Co-Founder of Rapanui, said:

“When we thought about what to do with our Christmas campaign a recent news story struck us. At Rapanui we believe passionately in sustainability and science, and the proposed badger cull didn’t follow either of these values. It was the absolute opposite of what we believe in – a decision being made in parliament because of lobbying and not science. So we decided to do something about it, to increase the reach of the Badger Trust, raise money for their charity to continue to do what they do, gain signatories for Brian May’s petition and raise awareness of badger welfare in general.”

The single is available on itunes here, but free for all who sign the petition! Rapanui has also created a limited edition t-shirt design for boys and girls with all profits going to the Badger Trust. Being Rapanui, of course they are made from organic cotton under fair conditions, using wind energy.

Video Credits: Wildlife Aid, The Badger Trust, Will Jackson.