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Chicago's Christmas Lights

On a trip to Chicago, one Urban Times writer was suitably impressed by the festive decorations adorning the city centre.

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Driving through downtown Chicago during the Christmas week was memorable. The entire city was lit with lights and colors; a sight which, though common in American cities, can be striking if you’re from a country without a strong Christian tradition. Most trees in front of the large skyscrapers were wrapped with golden lights, attracting many people to just drive around and witness sights similar to that of the video below. The concept of using regular trees as Christmas trees and decorating them appropriately was unique, and urban space was utilized well for the festivity season.

The Buckingham Fountain located in Chicago’s lakefront was glittering with shiny reflections of lights on the water and the Millennium Park was stunning with an ice skating rink and Christmas decorations surrounding the park.

The Chicago Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony is an annual event which marks the beginning of the holiday season immediately after Thanksgiving, with the lighting of the tree in Daley Plaza said to be one of the highlights of the landscape. The lights enhanced the built environment of the city, highlighting world renowned architecture with beautiful colors. This also marks Christmas as an important public event in America celebrated by all nationalities: it was a celebration seen in public space, and of national significance.

Such artistic portrayal of the cityscape was unmatched to anything I’ve seen before. Art was merged within the fabric of the city, showing an uplifting example of enhancing city-spaces during the festive season. In my opinion, Chicago, with its frosty weather, abundant lighting and delicate decorations, would have to be one of the best cities to visit over Christmas!