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B-Boy on Crutches Wins the Girl [video]


The new music video from Montreal-based band Plaster is a modern take on that age-old love story: boy meets girl, girl plays hard to get, boy wins girl by breakdancing in front of her bedroom window.

The star of the video is dancer LazyLegz, who was born with arthrogryposis, a congenital disorder that affects joint movement and muscle growth in his legs. Nevertheless, after discovering breakdancing at 15 years old, he developed his own style that incorporated crutches to let him perform otherwise impossible moves.

The producer’s description of the film sets it up as a textbook romance:

The Booggéré video is a serenade, in the classical sense of the term.

Lucas is not a prince or a disillusioned lover, he is a knight. He is anonymous, romantic and exceptional.

The film is anchored in a classic and romantic iconography of “Romeo and Juliet” and musicals such as “Singing in the rain” or “West Side Story”, while being treated in a contemporary, radical and very refined way.

Whether or not it fits the description of a classic love story, we can all take a little bit of inspiration from the exceptional talent on display – and the refusal to let other people define what is or isn’t disability.