A procrastinator’s guide to eco-friendly frocks that will let you fashionably enter 2013 without putting (too much) stress on your wallet or your carbon footprint.

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Still scrambling to find that perfect New Year’s party dress? Well, look no further. Urban Times has prepared the procrastinator’s guide to eco-friendly frocks that will let you fashionably enter 2013 without putting (too much) stress on your wallet or your carbon footprint.

5-in-1 Dress

Thieves Boutique $164

Image: http://www.thievesboutique.com

Talk about getting the most bang for your buck. This easy, chic, and effortlessly draped dress comes in 4 colors: grey, dark taupe, pomegranate, and black and can be worn 5 different ways. The dress can be worn sleeveless, halter, long, medium, short—virtually any silhouette to suit your whimsy and any New Year’s soiree. With the easy draping and the luxe material, you’ll be able to dress your outfit up or down with any combination of your favorite accessories and heels. It’s sure to become a staple in your closet in 2013.

Aside from being chic and oh-so-versatile, the dress receives an eco-friendly stamp—made 100% from Tencel®. The fabric is a regenerated cellulose fiber manufactured via an organic solvent spinning process. The closed loop production process allows for the reuse of solvents and raw materials, reducing overall waste and making Tencel® an eco-friendly and economical fabric.

If you love what you see and want more, I would highly recommend perusing the rest of the Thieves Boutique—where all of the designers are held together by a common thread of sustainable design.

About a Dress #19

Ginger Root Design $180

Image: http://shop.gingerrootdesign.com

I personally love this next dress by Ginger Root Design. Not only does it incorporate two of this year’s hottest trends—metallics and a fun collar—I also love the story behind this party-ready frock. Every Friday, the founders of Ginger Root Design, Kristen Swenson and Erin Derge, take an old dress and cut, sew, and recycle it into something new and fabulous. As an upcycled dress, it definitely gets an eco-friendly stamp. Repurposing old clothing into new designs is a great alternative to buying clothes made from more sustainably produced textiles. As an added bonus, you often get colors and textures you can’t achieve from using eco-friendly fabrics alone.

With all of that fashion and sustainable design rolled into one, you can’t go wrong with this dress when saying goodbye to 2012.

Mayra Ruched Halter Dress

Amour Vert $115

Image: http://www.amourvert.com

Finally, no dress guide would be complete without the perfect LBD (or little black dress for you non-acronym lovers). Not only do they look great on every woman, you can use it as a blank canvas to accessorize however you want to fit your personality. You get an additional bonus with this dress because it is made from bamboo and organic cotton. This hug-you-in-all-the-right-places dress is perfect to satisfy your fashionista and eco-friendly sides.

The Mayra dress is part of a larger collection at Amour Vert, whose mission is “to provide chic, sustainable, and high quality clothing to stylish, eco-conscious women at an affordable price” (Amour Vert). If the dress didn’t get you to fall in love with this eco-friendly boutique, their mission statement definitely will.

With that, I am off to do my own hunting for the perfect New Year’s dress. Obviously, a procrastinator’s guide is written by the procrastinator herself. Hopefully, this guide has given you some inspiration and a good starting point for finding your own fashionable frock that makes you feel like a rock star without compromising your values. Finally, if you’re like me and will be struggling to make it to midnight in your sky-high heels, I suggest opting for some eco-friendly flats, like Gucci’s Marola Green ballerina flats made from biodegradable plastic. And who said you couldn’t have it all?

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