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Trailer: iBIKE Le Film [video]

iBIKE Le Film is a documentary about the fixed gear scene in Montreal. The first trailer has now been released, with a short edit of the film coming out by the end of December, and the full feature being released by summer 2013.

Call me a hipster if you like, but I’ve got a big thing for fixies. Well, bikes in general I guess, but there’s something about the elegance and simplicity of a single speed chain drive, combined with the heightened control that comes of riding with a fully fixed hub, that really gets me going.

I’ve also got a big thing for Francophone culture – so put the two things together, and you can appreciate that I was pretty excited to see the new teaser for iBIKE Le Film. The film documents the fixed gear scene in Montreal, following riders associated with the iBIKE bike shop as they cruise the urban environment getting up to no good.

A short-length edit of the film will be released at the end of December, with the full feature set to hit theatres by summer 2013.