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Planet Toronto Timelapse Showcases the Best of the City

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Documentaries like BBC’s Planet Earth give you an overview of mother nature in its visual splendour. Ryan Emond’s Planet Toronto is just as magnificent, with a bird’s eye view of Toronto, Ontario and an insight into the daily lives of Torontonians in this timelapse video. At the crack of the dawn, the city is slowly unveiled and you travel quickly on the streets, soaring up in the clear skies, to see the best of Toronto in its day to day life.

This kinetic piece is developed for Tourism Toronto, but it’s far from your usual gimmicky tourism promotional video; Planet Toronto is observational yet intimate, using a combination of timelapse photography and slow motion effects to capture the vibrant city at its best.

Director Ryan Emond said of the film:

“I intended to capture the city in distinctive form— I wanted to make this piece different… I want to represent how we move through the city; how the weather moves through it and how the city breathes, transforms and grows each day. Much like other cities, Toronto is a place you have to experience to feel the energy and emotion that pulses through the streets and neighbourhoods.”

A time-traveling piece that showcases the idiosyncrasies of Toronto, Emond’s video gives you the taste of the city – be it by day or by night. He’s made much other work besides; previous videos include a news intro for CTV news, video sequences for the Blue Jay’s games and time-lapse photography for Niagara Tourism commercials

See more of Ryan Emond’s camera work on his website.